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Electrical safety audit

 Our auditors examine the safety of electrical installations by verification, enquiry, inspection and testing. Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable standards and Regulations.

Our auditors follow a systematic approach for evaluating potential electrical hazards and prepare reports recommending actions for improvement. Our reports assess high risk situations and areas of non-compliance with legislation or best practice and provide recommendations to rectify the issues identified. Implementation of these recommendations will reduce the likelihood of future accidents or inconvenience to the business.

Our Electrical safety auditing services help in identifying: 

  • Electrical hazards and to minimize the risk of accidents like fires due to short-circuiting
  • Areas of risk or vulnerability in your electrical systems
  • Non-compliance with the legislation and best practice

Electrical safety auditing has lot of tangible and intangible benefits which includes:

  • The identification and elimination of safety hazards
  •  Ensuring longevity of your expensive electronic equipments like computers and other machines
  • Ensure peace of mind in your client’s mind that their valuable information like data and other documents is safe from electrical hazards
  • Improvement of employee morale
  • Development of a dynamic record of safety performance
  • Creation of positive cycle of safety improvement
  • Improvement of management awareness of problems
  • Insuring compliance with Government and industry safety related work practices
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