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PLC is an acronym for Programmable Logic Controllers. In general, a PLC can be referred to as a digital computer that is capable of controlling several industrialized procedures such as assembly line or machinery controls. These systems differ from conventional desktops but are capable of taking multiple inputs and resulting to several outputs at a time. It also holds other multiple features such as temperature control, electric noise resistance and vibration controls. Non-volatile computer memory is used to control entire machine operations without fail. One of the major differences to note between a PLC automation panel and conventional computer is that PLC employs numerous inputs and output terminals; and is resistant to several environmental factors such as heat, dust, cold and moisture. The end-product of PLCs is used to run electric motors, hydraulic cylinders and more. Most of the PLC controls can be directly connected to the network. Dozens of relays can be easily replaced by a PLC motor control. Two important points to note during PLC control design are the calculation of power usage and wastage of heat. The former decides the need of electric force while the latter determines the amount of cooling required to run the system smoothly as per the panel’s size. These calculations are communicated to both HVAC engineer and electrical engineer.

What we offer?

  • Planned product as per the user’s requirement
  • Chances of error are low due to the less human interface
  • Full system control from single joint
  • Alarm checks for data processing logins
  • Alter default system settings as per your requirements


  • Monitor and control online data:-
  • Can work in every changing condition
  • Printouts of faulty alarms and history

Switchgear :L&T/Siemens / ABB/Schneider Electric

Offered Solutions by us:-

we can provide the PLC Automation Solutions with following:-

 PLC (incl. CPU, I/O Cards, Memory Cards etc.) :-

  • Siemens : Using LOGO, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400 PLC’s,
  • Allen Bradley : Using Micro Logix 800/1100 PLC’s,
Switch Gear PLC








































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