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Energy Management System:-

The Energy Management System (EMS) is a complete hardwaresoftware, and services solution that delivers the granular visibility, actionable analysis, and intelligent control capabilities to manage your facility’s energy endpoints, from HVAC and lighting, to refrigerators and more. With the EMS, information captured about energy and facility environmental conditions provides the insights and recommendations to fine-tune your sites to optimize energy efficiency and site operations.

GridPoint Energy Management System

 Energy Management Solutions have been deployed at maney sites to date, and can average 10-30% energy savings, with a corresponding 18-36 month payback.



Generate immediate and sustainable savings opportunities

Intelligent controls, real-time submetering, and enhanced monitoring devices offer continuous insight into critical equipment and environmental conditions, ensuring predictable energy spend, as well as immediate and long-term cost savings.
Boost staff productivity and efficiency Seamlessly control temperature and lighting schedules across thousands of sites from a single, integrated dashboard. Comprehensively monitor energy activity and prioritize needs, saving valuable time.
Ensure equipment is functioning properly and avoid costly repairs Equipment–level visibility allows you to understand individual unit performance, identify costly issues, and quickly perform preventative maintenance.
Integrate systems with ease Whether you are just getting started or have an EMS in place, the EMS is designed to work with existing control and monitoring infrastructures, eliminating the need for a costly rip and replace process.


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